With my feelings on fire
Guess I’m a bad liar
— Selena Gomez

Last night I got to watch the sun set. As the sun made its grand exit, I began to think about how important human connection, the relationship with myself, and being in tuned with the planet is. I know I keep sounding like a wacko, but I’m being honest. It feels as if a giant ball of energies are flowing through me like a cycle and we’re all connected somehow.

I’ve been feeling a lot of things lately. I’ve been feeling everything at once. Most of those things are good. If this was me years ago, I would’ve rejected the feeling and ran for the hills. Now, I find myself trying to sum up all of those emotions and figure out why I’m feeling them. I began to realize I don’t actually want to know why. I just want to feel it. Whatever that may be. 

As Selena Gomez has sang before, “With my feelings on fire, guess I’m a bad liar.” I can’t describe it or deny it. The lyric said it best. I don’t need to label it. I don’t need to understand it. All I need to do is embrace it. Embrace everything I’m feeling and let those energies flow through me. 

I will never forget how beautiful the skyline looked from where I stood as the sun set. I won’t ever forget the intense emotions I felt in that moment. I guess what I really wanted to say is never be afraid of what you’re feeling. It’s better to embrace it with open arm than to run away.  When you get to the point where you’ve embraced all that you are and all that you’re feeling, being yourself is all in a days fun. Then and only then will you realize that the sun truly never sets.