This morning wasn’t a coffee and breakfast kind of morning. Instead, there was a Snapple and homemade cookies.  It was a morning consumed by kings and queens, Italy, and Dante Alighieri.

My Sunday started early this morning. At eight a.m. my mind surfaced in Europe. What for? It was the San Clemente Syndrome better known as Call Me By Your Name.  I spent that time living in Rome with Elio and Oliver. When it was over, I felt as if I was the one holding on to a past memory of a summer love that’s long in the past. When I flipped the book to its final page, I had mentally immortalized the moments in Rome between the two. I immortalized the friendships they temporarily shared with the people at a book event. I immortalized the kiss that was seen by those lurking through a very shameless night. My heart broke when it was time to say goodbye. Those few days in Rome, and I'm not just saying this as someone who has spent the last two years using schools of criticism to analyze texts, were bigger than the two lovers. I’m saving the tears for Places To Construe.

Next, Dante’s love for Beatrice produced an epic that takes a man through Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso. I can’t seem to stop reading and only do when I have to. I find the epic turning wheels in my mind and I’m loving it. Its challenges compel me. 

Lastly, In between the completion of CMBYN and the beginning of Dante, I managed to survive Reign. By “survive” I mean losing my favorite ships. I wished happiness for Bash. I’m sad because of it. I rooted for Mary and Francis too. Francis, though it was long overdue, deserved better. I think I cried every time Toby Regbo cried because I invest too much into historical fiction. 

I wanted to write this in the most poetic way possible because Sunday’s are poetic, but I figured writing in the moment was best as I usually do on Sundays. My inner nerd yelled in pride this morning and I wanted to share what 's been making me sad and smile all at the same time.

Most importantly:  

Happy Pride! 

Darianne ♥