Oh, Autumn, how I’ve longed for thee. I’ve longed for autumn since 26th December in the same way I’ve longed for Christmas since 1st January.  Spring was lovely. Summer was strange. It’s August now. August is half way done and school is quickly approaching. I’m excited. I’m excited about leaves changing colors, October, bold statements, New York Fashion Week, crisp air, crunchy leaves, dressing up. Oh, I can’t forget Pumpkin Spiced Latte’s. My mouth waters just thinking about it. 

Just like every season, there are things that I am lusting after and things I will acquire. To me, the months between September and February are it. Apologies to the other months, but these are the months I am inspired most by fashion. 


OUTERWEAR. Over the course of the next two months, temperatures will begin to fall. We will bring out the clothes we’ve been hiding for a while. So, what are falls must haves? We all need a classic jacket. My personal favorite is a classic black faux leather jacket or a brown faux suede jacket. There’s so much that can be done with both styles. Both can be casual and formal. I think bomber jackets are wonderful. Bomber jackets come thick and thin. They can be heavy or light. I’ve seen people wearing bomber jackets as coats in the winter. Bomber jackets are versatile and are a worthwhile investment. This year I’d like to acquire a camel coat. I’ve been obsessing for too long. I’ve already have the classic black wool coat. No worries there.

JUMPERS. There’s nothing I love more than being cozy in my favorite jumper. Sweater Weather is almost here and I am ready. I look forward to my morning coffee/tea while being sat in my lectures. I look forward to rainy days. I’ve romanticized this time of year repeatedly. I don’t plan on stopping. I buy jumpers all year long. I don’t see why not. From knit to cashmere, I want it all. One can have a closet full of just that and be satisfied. Cashmere can be expensive, but it doesn’t always have to be. Cashmere is that soft, heavenly material that I touch and somehow want to drown in it. As if that’s possible. I would recommend both. 


TOPS. To start off a new wardrobe, one should have a cami, a blouse, a flannel, a sleeveless top, and a button up. T-shirts too, but we all have those without trying. A camisole can be used under another top or warn the way it is. A blouse and denim can be stylish and easy for any occasion. Day and night. A blouse doesn’t need a reason. They just want to be worn and loved. Flannels are always in. It doesn’t matter what season it is. The red and black lumberjack look is my fave. A sleeveless top for a girl like me means I won’t be complaining when it’s twenty-three degrees and I’m hot wearing only a t-shirt with a coat. *Queues rolling of the eyes* Button up shirts are boundless. My favorite things about button up shirts for summer and early fall is they come cropped. #Winning

DRESSES. A few months ago, I bought a brown, floral dress from SHEIN. I am absolutely in love with it. I love wearing dresses. For fall, I switch it up by wearing bolder and/or darker colors. Bring out the burgundies and the canaries. I am so ready! A dress, no matter the season, makes me feel like a soft human being. A few days ago, I wrote about wanting to run around a bed of sunflowers in a little dress. I’ve become very comfortable in them. They’ve become part of the list of things I romanticize. Oops.


PANTS. I’ve come to love bottom pieces for all that they are. Flared jeans are my favorite if I want to throwback to the 70s. Skinny jeans are my usual. Mom jeans are one of my favorite type of jean. I love how casual they are. Then there are trousers. I LOVE TROUSERS. A good trouser is another staple piece for my wardrobe. Trousers can be funky, hip, and all that’s in between. Another item that’s worth spending a little cash on is leggings. Having faux leather or regular leggings is a promising idea if you’re the kind of person who wears leggings often. I’ve lived in them all summer.

ACCESSORIES. Everyone needs accessories. I absolutely love having different sized, shaped, and styled bags. I love totes. Totes are one of those universal things. They’re good for everything. I’ve recently fallen in love with straw handbags. Some of them give a very French vibe and others are just a simple, classy way to style your outfit. I want one! I also enjoy aviators. A good pair of shades can go a long way. Belts are one of the things I’ve grown to love recently. *Coughs* Gucci *Coughs* Now, I’d love to own everything Gucci released this season, but it’s not ideal for my budget. Therefore, finding an inexpensive brand with similar or equal quality is the way to go. Lastly, the choker. Chokers are very femme fatale. Chokers can be very feminine, but they can totally bad ass.


Shoes. I live for shoes. Boots with block heels are my favorite. They go a long way. Plus, they’re comfortable enough to walk in all day. I personally live in ankle boots. I love thigh-high boots as well. They can be added with a simple outfit, but they can also be sexy. If I’m wearing jeans and a top, I’ll add a pair of these boots and suddenly I feel very model off duty. *Queues inner vixen* Hear her purr. I find Chelsea’s to work well with my minimalist look. Chelsea boots are that shoe. I am Harry Styles’ heart rate when he sees a pair of Chelsea boots. A bit dramatic, but I think you get the picture. Besides boots, there’s the classic tennis shoe. Everyone needs tennis shoes. I’ve seen a lot of people wearing Reeboks lately. There’s always the classic shell top Adidas and the classic white Chuck Taylor’s or pair of Vans. Take your pick.

No matter what we choose to wear this fall, it’s all about comfort. May you be the best, most extraterrestrial version of you. May you be super stylish and happy with all that you are and wear. To everyone returning to school this fall, good luck on all your endeavors.

Happy almost autumn!