T-Shirt: Forever 21 // Similar herehere, here, & here

Lather Jacket: Forever 21 // Similar Jacket

Skinny Jeans: Forever 21

Chelsea Boots: Necessary Clothing // Similar Boots


As I was on my way to this café, I saw an old friend from middle school. That's usually weird for me. I was so awkward and terribly dressed then. (I might still be.) Anyways, he asked the usual things and I reciprocated. After about a minute or so of awkwardness, the conversation began to flow. We got what we wanted from the café and left. It turned out we were going the same way. There have been many instances where I never know what to say. This was kind of one of them. Right when I was going to walk off, he mentioned exactly what I was avoiding. Uh-oh! "Back in middle school, you had a weird way of dressing and you were so weird. Well, you kind of still are, but we've grown up." He went on to saying that he liked my style now and that he keeps up with it on Instagram. Also, that growing up means that he realizes that he should've appreciated my odd ways a bit more. We may have still been friends. Then it got awkward again. What do I say? I was complimented in such a weird way. Maybe I was reading into it.  I had to turn the corner anyways. So, I said, "Well, it's never too late." I smiled and just like in the movies, I walked away. 

All the love.

Darianne ♥