Darianne Grimball



Style.Self.Sundays. has always been bae. Style is revolutionary. It changes everyday and sometimes it becomes nostalgic. My style cannot be defined by one thing. It changes. I am bound by no labels. Just expression. There’s more OOTDs on the way. Self. From self-love to sharing bits about myself, here I will spread my positivity and love and send it your way. There’s even some tips on general life things because I love sharing things that has helped me in hopes they help you. Sundays are very special to me. They're usually my off day. Who I become in that moment isn't controlled by me. Instead, who I am is controlled by the moment. Sunday is a special day to reveal all.

Bae hasn’t changed a bit. The content has. The content just got better.


Places to Construe is my new love. If you have visited this site previously, then you will notice she has been moved and is now one with the rest of my loves. Places to Construe consists of Books, University, and the wonderful places I visit for both academia and for fun. There will be some coffeeshops along the way and a few museum visits. The sky is the limit.

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